Letter to the Editor By "Martin Fairclough"

Martin Fairclough
Governor Hogan expunging driving record
I read the article which outlined Governor Hogan's intent to expunge driving licences from prior infractions, with certain exceptions. Having a driving licence is a privilege, not a right. The argument that by doing this it will open up job opportunities for 600,000 Marylanders is in a word - absurd. Using a speeding infraction as an example, when the police pull over a speeder they will call up that individual's record. Should the record be filled with speeding infractions the ticket that is given should take it into consideration as opposed to a totally clean record, which would indicate that the infraction was an anomaly. This should count for something to mitigate the ticket being issued. Being a careful driver indicates a sense of responsibility that would and should influence a potential employer. If a job candidate has a terrible driving record, then be honest up front tell the recruiter and make your case for being fit for the job. Driving is a dangerous activity as noted by the number of fatalities and injuries that make the headlines every day. Keep drivers accountable to obey the law.