Letter to the Editor By "John Tayman"

John Tayman
Burning your NFL clothing?
Lots of people have passionate feelings regarding the NFL these days, and social media is inundated with videos of fans burning their NFL related clothing in protest of the Anthem protests. All well and good, everyone has their right to free expression. However, I would encourage you that if you are giving up on the NFL and have clothing related to your favorite team... don't BURN it.. DONATE it to hurricane relief efforts. There are a lot of Americans in dire need right now of basic items through no fault of their own. Your NFL jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps and hats WILL help Americans who have lost everything due to these natural disasters. If you are hanging it up on the team, don't hang it up on Americans who can use what you are discarding. If you want to post a video of yourself burning a jersey, imagine how much more positive response you could get with a video of you donating these items to relief efforts. Don't burn. Please consider donating.