Letter to the Editor By "Aubree Smith"

Aubree Smith
What SEEDCO can do for you!
Since the development of the Affordable Care Act, thousands of families have become eligible for health coverage. However, a blog from Community Catalyst published overwhelming evidence that although the Affordable Care Act expands health care coverage to thousands of families who have once been denied, over 700,000 families remain uninsured. Enrolling into a health care plan is confusing and stressful for anyone but especially for families who have never navigated the system before. That’s where SEEDCO becomes incredibly important. SEEDCO is a non-profit organization available to assist families, who are eligible for coverage but are uninsured, in enrolling into health care plans. SEEDCO creates a user-friendly environment for families seeking health care enrollment by providing culturally sensitive, in-person enrollment sessions that are catered to each individual family’s needs. SEEDCO recently expanded to Southern Maryland and I urge your readers who feel they could benefit from such services to contact Mark Romaninsky at for more information.