• By Linda Redding CPA

    Charles County Public Policy Under Attack

    In 2015 a huge subdivision on Billingsley Road was approved by the Charles County Planning Commission. Perhaps this was because the report prepared and presented by county staff omitted the fact t...

    1 day ago
  • By Robert boudreaux

    Safe haven - saving babies

    4132 Lancaster Circle Waldorf, MD 20603 (301) 638-7042 1 July 2017 Editor, Please print this in the letter section of the Bay Net. Safe Haven – saving babies The article “Newborn ab...

    3 weeks ago
  • By Fatima Abujuma

    Charles county's watershed conservation district

    This is in response to reading "Citizens rail against proposed WCD" By Joseph Norris on 5/26/17. I am a resident of Waldorf, Maryland and I just wanted to say that the majority of the county is in...

    1 month ago
  • By Ron

    Raising of Fire/EMS taxes for 2nd and 9th Districts in FY2019

    Citizens of 2nd and 9th Districts need to be informed of potential changes to your local Fire/EMS Station. In 2015, a proposed fire/rescue tax increase was considered but the request was rescinded ...

    1 month ago
  • By Virginia (Cookie) Pontzer

    Sex-Education at the Library

    Should we, the community of St. Mary’s County open the doors of our libraries’ meeting rooms to anyone who wants to talk to our minors about sex. Sexual predators could come to talk to our kids abo...

    2 months ago