• By Henry Miller

    Corrections to story on St. Mary's Slavs

    Editor's note - This letter was forwarded to our now-retired staff writer, Joseph Norris. The writer is taking issue with some of the comments from an interview subject in a recently published stor...

    2 days ago
  • By Cheryl E Thomas

    Bill 2017-06 ZTA 16-44 & Subdivision Regulation Amendment 16-02 --DISCRIMINATORY??

    Bill 2017-06, ZTA 16-44 & Subdivision Regulation Amendment 16-02 discriminates against citizens while giving developers an opportunity that ordinary citizens are denied. As a Charles County stak...

    5 days ago
  • By Aubree Smith

    What SEEDCO can do for you!

    Since the development of the Affordable Care Act, thousands of families have become eligible for health coverage. However, a blog from Community Catalyst published overwhelming evidence that althou...

    1 week ago
  • By Robert Boudreaux

    Slavery and the Confederacy - the Democrats latest distraction

    4132 Lancaster Circle Waldorf, MD 20603 (301) 638-7042 7 September 2017 Editor, . Please print this in the letter section of the Bay Net. Slavery and the Confederacy – Democrats’ latest dist...

    2 weeks ago
  • By Susan Dzurec

    Calvert County Comprehensive Plan

    BOCC’s hearing statement aimed towards citizens untrue: I watched the Tuesday Aug. 22 BOCC meeting online and heard Commissioner Slaughenhoupt read his statement directed at me. I was at the joint ...

    3 weeks ago