J Frank Raley to be honored

Lexington Park, MD - Prior to the unveiling of a memorial dedicating a section of 235 to the Late J. Frank Raley, Monday, Dec. 4 at 9:30 a.m., reached out to a long-term friend and colleague Tom Watts and asked to capture the impact that Raley had on this community in one paragraph

"He was a one term state senator but got St. Mary's College made into a four year college and funding to preserve St. Mary's City. The commitment to build the Solomons bridge and dual lanes added to Rt 235 and Rt. 2. He was instrumental in creating the Tri County Council, The Southern Maryland Higher Education Center and his controversial issues were the removal of slot machines from the Tri-County Area and the Potomac River compact. He served on the College Board, The Planning Commission and the Southern Maryland Navy Alliance. He love to hunt small birds at his farm in Scotland. He Enjoyed hosting dinner with friends and a good glass of wine"

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