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Hollywood, MD - We would all want to be healthy. We want good physiques, and we want people to like us. Some of us are even passionate about sports, so attaining those higher wishes already becomes easier. However, most people perceive sports as something painful. The effort is too big, so they’d rather sit home doing nothing.
No matter how you feel about doing a sport right now, we’re still encouraging you to consider implementing at least one physical activity in your daily life. The easiest way to actually start and stick to this healthy habit is to create an effective exercise schedule. You must commit to it, and you must be consistent.

In today’s post, we’re giving you some clues on how to develop your own sports routine and how to really stick to it. Pay attention and make sure you also apply!

Designate Your Training Goal - First off, you need to designate a goal and write it down on a piece of paper. That piece of paper should be in plain sight. What are you trying to achieve with your next efforts? Are you trying to lose weight? Gain weight? Build muscle, or become ripped? Whatever your goal is, make sure to state it down and begin connecting to it emotionally. Always ask yourself “why” before beginning any sort of training.

Choose Your Start and End Date - A training schedule should have a strict start date. Give yourself a few days before embarking on your journey, and plan everything ahead. The end point though is different for everybody. For example, if you hope to lose weight, you shouldn’t expect to finish your training schedule in a matter of days. In fact, you should choose your “end date” according to your final objective. When you achieve what you want, you can embark on another training routine – one that has a bigger or different goal.

Create Your Own Balance - Mary Hart is the CEO of She is also an enthusiastic athlete that has incorporated daily exercising habits into her life, and she cared to share an insight with us: “With sports, it is important that you keep everything in balance. Don’t overwhelm yourself by establishing big targets at first. Everything comes with practice, consistency, and patience. Don’t force yourself to do something that you’re not capable of doing…yet.” In addition to what Mary said, you should also combine the nice with the necessary. If you love doing something, for example, jogging, you can adjust your training schedule so that you incorporate running into your routine. You can make it all easy turning your sports activities into something fun. When work becomes play, the productivity will be much higher.

Perform Different Activities - Depending on your own circumstances, you should choose different physical activities for your exercise schedule. Here’s my routine for your inspiration: Every day I wake up, wash my face, prepare coffee, and then meditate. The next immediate action I take: I get out of the house and start jogging. I do it for 20 minutes, intense. I get back, I work for 4 to 5 hours, then I hit the gym. I spend 2 hours at the gym, following a very nice workout each day. This sets my tone for the entire day. My cardio activity in the morning helps me stay healthier and preserve my tones while also losing fat, and my gym session allows me to become ripped as the day pass by. Find your own activities. They could be jogging, gym, football, basketball, volleyball. Whatever you enjoy the most, make sure that you add it to your exercise program.

Improve Intensity Over Time - Once we get accustomed to our new exercise habits, it’s time to step up our games and improve the intensity of our training. Why higher intensity? Well, in most of the cases, it pays better results at whatever you might want to accomplish. Still, it’s important that you gradually improve the intensity instead of overestimating your strengths and performing really tough tasks such as pushing huge weights or running for 3 hours straight.

Conclusion - Developing your own strict sport schedule is a way of keeping yourself on track with your progress. It also gives you motivation and helps you stay consistent with your efforts. Please keep something in mind though; if find the activities that you naturally enjoy, following a schedule will be easier than you think.

About author: Olivia is a journalist who always tries to see the bright side of things. She likes to inspire people in her writings and enjoy a mysterious beauty of twilight. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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