The 5 Best Ski Resorts For Maryland Skiers

Statewide-- Maryland is known for many things but skiing is probably not at the top of the list. Believe it or not Maryland has a pretty good ski resort that is not that well known. We'll cover my 5 favorite ski mountains that are within several hours drive of Baltimore in this guide to Maryland skiing.

Wisp Resort

Wisp is the most well-known ski resort in Maryland and is located in McHenry. The mountain is just over 3,000 feet and 132 skiable acres. The 7 high-speed chair lifts will have you to the top of the mountain in just a few minutes.

There are rarely lift lines here, except during holidays when it can get crowded. While not mandatory, wearing proper safety equipment like a helmet is highly recommended.
If you are traveling with non-skiers, they will find plenty to do here. There is snowshoeing, ice skating and for the more adventurous, you can go snowmobiling.

Timberline Four Seasons

Timberline is best known for having the highest altitude of all the ski resorts in the South. At over 4,000 feet, there is usually no shortage of snow here. In a typical year they get over 200 feet! Timberline has a vertical drop of over a 1,000 feet and has 4 high-speed lifts to transport you to the top of the mountain. Timberline also lays claim to the longest ski run in the South, the Salamander is over 2 miles long! There is plenty to do here for the non-skier as well.

Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Seven Springs is a very family-friendly ski resort that makes a real effort to make kids feel welcome. The mountain is just at 3,000 feet and offers a 750-foot vertical drop and 285 ski-able acres. To get you to the top of the mountain they have 10 chairlifts and one old school tow rope. Night skiing is offered here for skiers who cannot get enough in during the day.

Roundtop Mountain Resort

Roundtop is known for being beginner friendly. They have one of the best ski/snowboard schools in the South. They usually get plenty of snow here but in case Mother Nature is not cooperating, they have extensive snow making here and are able to keep most of the runs open throughout the ski season.

Massanutten Resort

Massanutten is known for being an entertainment resort. The mountain is just a hair under 3,000 feet with a large 1,100 vertical drop. With over 70 ski-able acres and 7 high-speed lifts, plus it has 100% man-made snow making so if there is not enough natural snow, you can still ski.

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