Four reasons winter wreaks havoc on auto glass

By: Jillynn Stevens, Ph.D., MSW

Your car is under a lot of pressure come winter, and putting off windshield repair or ignoring a hairline crack can ruin the holidays. It's peak season for cracked, chipped and broken auto glass, which means it's imperative that you stay on top of any damage. If you're lucky, small areas of damage can be repaired before they get out of control. Otherwise, you'll need an expert to replace the glass so Jack Frost stays on the right side of the windshield.

Of course, it's also the busiest time of year-and surely you can do one more mall run with a crack in the back window, right? Unfortunately, that cold weather isn't helping matters. The good news is that repairing damaged auto glass is more affordable, faster and convenient than you think. Rely on a company that comes to you, deals with insurance if that's the most affordable route for you and schedules appointments that work around you.

If you thought winter was rough on you, just take a look at what it dishes up for your ride:

1. Weather Extremes Can Exacerbate Cracks

Extremely cold weather can encourage a small crack to expand in seconds. Plus, if you park your car in a temperature-controlled area, like a basement, and then drive off into a near blizzard, that kind of temperature shift can also make things worse. Never think of a crack as "no big deal" because it can become one in a blink.

2. Drive like Hail

Hail comes in all sizes, and some of the bigger stones are as big as baseballs. Even worse, you never see hail coming-it can be perfectly pleasant outside and in seconds turn into a hailstorm. If you don't have a chance to move your car into a garage (which you often don't), the glass and frame can sustain serious damage. If stones have attacked your car, make sure to get it repaired immediately before the next storm hits.

3. Kicked Up Rocks

Driving behind a larger rig or in its blind spot can lead to rocks kicked up into your windshield any time of year. However, in the winter it can be even worse because there could be hailstones still on the road. Plus, some regions still put down salt or have other means of de-icing the roads. These can all lead to car damage including windshield problems.

4. Peak Season for Fender Benders

There are two major times per year when accidents rates are on the rise: December and July. People are in a mad rush to get those last-minute holiday gifts, and they're often not as careful or courteous as normal. Even a minor accident can lead to glass damage-or you might discover your beloved ride with a crushed side mirror in an over-cramped parking lot.

'Tis the season for thankfulness and giving, so don't forget to include your trusty automobile in the holiday spirit. It needs a little holiday TLC just like you. If you notice damage to the glass, don't wait until next year to get it fixed. By then, who knows how severe it could be?

Jillynn Stevens is a writer and researcher. She is the Director of Digital Content Marketing for Be Locally SEO where she enjoys helping clients expand and improve their businesses through articles, blogs, website content and more.

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