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Waldorf, MD- Retirement is something we will all face later in life. For some of us, with the right financial planning, it can be a quite enjoyable time in our life.

Planning for retirement might not be as fun, in fact, it can be down-right intimidating. Will my pensions be enough to live on? How much should I have in savings? How much should I have in investments and 401Ks?

There are many options to make sure you’re on the right path for retirement and Wealth Management Partners can help guide you along and get you where you need to be in your future.

Wealth Management Partners has been helping people secure their financial future since 2005. Joyce Cool and Robert Ramos are managing partners and financial advisors. They decided to go into business for themselves to allow the freedom to find individual solutions for their clients.

“We really enjoy being able to do that and being able to help clients and we feel it’s in their best interest,” Cool explained. The partners are also proud they don’t discriminate against anyone, regardless of their current wealth or plans for the future. “We’ll help anyone. We don’t have any minimums and we feel everyone can benefit from financial planning services.”

Wealth Management Partners are comprehensive financial planners. They can help you with investment services, retirement planning, estate planning, life insurance planning, divorce planning, sudden wealth and small business retirement plans.

“We like our clients to come in and review once a year and we like to maintain that relationship because life happens and things change,” Cool said. “We want our clients to call us before making any big financial decisions and we can act as a quarterback for them.”

Ramos said that includes making sure their clients aren’t missing anything in their retirement planning or estate planning. “Often times we act as devil’s advocate and point out other options our clients might not think about.”

Wealth Management Partners offers free first time consultation, Cool explained. “When we first meet with a new client we give them a list of items to bring in, including a list of their goals, their budget, savings and insurance information. This gives us a good look at their situation and what they’re trying to accomplish.”

During the first meeting, Wealth Management Partners explains the services offered and how they can help the clients meet their goals. “During the second meeting, we’ll give you our thoughts and recommendations. We lay out specific things we think they need to,” Cool stated. The third meeting allows clients to come back and talk about their financial decisions.

“We customize each plan for each client. We don’t put their data in a computer we figure out what’s best for our clients,” Ramos said. “Before the first meeting, we have no preconceived notions about what our clients are going to need.”

Wealth Management Partners focus on educating their clients to make them feel comfortable with their investment decisions. “Money becomes so emotional because people work so hard to get it and we want to make sure they’re using it wisely,” Ramos noted. “We’re committed to continuing our education. The industry moves so fast and there are so many components to a family’s financial picture so we attend conferences to make sure we’re learning from those who are at the top of the game.”

Retirement is something most of us will only do once in our life, Wealth Management Partners wants to make sure you do it right. “We want to educate people and we want to serve people. We like to make people feel comfortable and not rush them and continue to help them along life’s journey,” Cool said.

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