Thank a Local Vet: Jamie Spaulding

Lexington Park, MD—Spaulding Security & Investigations, LLC is a small business located in Lexington Park that specializes in infidelity cases, insurance fraud, background checks, workman’s compensation, and other investigative services. Spaulding Security can also provide armed and unarmed security, either in uniform or plainclothes. Besides being a small, locally-owned business, the president and CEO of this security agency is also a veteran, Jamie Spaulding. had the opportunity to speak with Spaulding about his service.

Spaulding joined the Navy right after high school, and stayed in active duty for five years, going into the reserves for three years after. Spaulding went to high school in Springfield, MA, which at the time was known as being one of the most dangerous small cities in the entire country. “The public school systems,” Spaulding said, “were awful.” There weren’t many sports programs or after school activities for the students to join, and Spaulding got mixed into a self-destructive group of teenagers. After frequently skipping school and falling behind in his classes, Spaulding’s grandfather, a Navy vet, took him to speak with a recruiter. This meeting would decimate the damaging direction his life was going.

Petty Officer Whitney took Spaulding underneath of his wing and helped get him through high school. “He played pool with me a lot, he was a good role model.” Spaulding grew fond of the idea of joining the military, traveling the world, but most importantly, serving his country. “I wanted to be more than just a high school kid that skipped school and smoked cigarettes.” The Navy taught Spaulding structure, and it gave him a sense of pride about his country, something that he says is missing in a lot of circles today.

Besides giving Spaulding a new sense of purpose, the military helped him carve a new path in life. “I wouldn’t be sitting where I’m sitting if it wasn’t for the Navy.” The military allowed Spaulding to receive his Associate’s Degree from College of Southern Maryland, his Bachelor’s from Towson, and he even had enough funds left on his GI Bill to obtain a certificate in Paralegal Studies. The Navy also taught Spaulding discipline, gave him confidence, and groomed him for success.

While in the Navy, Spaulding was stationed in Crete, Greece for 13 months. Spaulding reminisced on the beautiful, clear water beaches and the great summer he had while living there. He was also stationed in California, and then Pax River for the last two years of his time in the military, where he stayed, had a daughter, and started his own business.

While the military transformed Spaulding’s life, he does acknowledge the great risks that come with enlisting. “Whether you’re in the Navy, the Air Force, or the Army, whether or not you’re deployed, whether you’re on a ship or in the Air Force in Germany in a relatively safe spot, there’s always a risk involved. You have to be willing to accept that risk and know why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

The morals and values that Spaulding learned during his time in the service ring true to him today, and he applies those teachings in his own company. Spaulding notes that 80-90 percent of his employees are veterans. This hiring process was a priority for Spaulding as he looks for reliability, good work ethic, and adaptability in his employees—traits that he knows he will find in a veteran.

This Veteran’s Day, make sure to acknowledge the sacrifices paid not only by veterans around our country, but right here in our own neighborhood.

Photos provided by Jamie Spaulding.

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