Predictions on big savings this Black Friday

Hollywood, MD- The holiday shopping season is set to begin and you can expect to find big deals on several popular items this year, including 4K TVs, virtual reality gaming and home assistants.

According to, 4K televisions are picking up momentum they’re expected to get a big boost in sales starting with Black Friday. In fact, many 4K TVs are expected to match or even beat the prices of the 1080p. The costs on 4K televisions have dropped so much you’re able to find many off-brand versions for well under $300 this weekend.

If you’re in the market for a new tablet you can expect to see big price cuts on Apple iPads, Microsoft Surface hybrids, Amazon Fire and Android slates this Friday. No matter what your budget it is, you can find a tablet to meet your price point, including some for less than $50.

If you’re a gamer or looking for games to stick under the Christmas tree, you can bet you’ll find huge savings on Xbox One S, PS4 Slim and virtual reality gaming sets. While the best and newest consoles won’t budge much on prices, you can definitely find some great deals on last year’s models.

Thanks to the heavy increase in online purchases over the years, big box stores are making many deals that seem too good to be true in an attempt to compete.

You’ll also see several stores trying to entice shoppers with gift cards on certain purchases or even deeper discounts if you use store credit cards. While the interest rates can be astronomical on those cards, if you sign up or use the right ones, and pay them off immediately, you can get some great deals on already low Black Friday prices.

Happy Shopping!

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