Appeal trial set to begin for drunk driver who struck a deputy

Michael Austin Mattingly

Leonardtown, MD- A Mechanicsville man who was found guilty of hitting a St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s deputy with his car in December of 2016 will be back in court Tuesday, Nov. 14 for his appeal trial.

In May, Michael Austin Mattingly, 22, was sentenced to three years in prison with two years suspended after he was found guilty on the charges of life-threatening injury by vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Mattingly was also ordered to participate in a substance abuse program.

In June, Mattingly requested an appeal in the case.

On Dec. 17, 2016, Corporal Shaun Carberry was helping a disabled vehicle along Chaptico Road when he was hit by a vehicle. When Corporal Carberry saw the oncoming vehicle, he pushed the driver of the disabled vehicle out of the way to avoid being hit.

The driver of that vehicle was Mattingly, who remained on scene after the collision. Police say he left the road, struck the disabled vehicle and that vehicle hit Corporal Carberry.

Corporal Carberry suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Judge Michael J. Stamm will be hearing the appeal case.

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