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Cidney Breanna Jones and Roger Stirling Kelly

Prince Frederick, MD - Two Prince George’s County residents charged with robbing a Dunkirk convenience store this past August were indicted this month in Calvert County Circuit Court. According to documents on file in the Maryland judiciary system, both Roger Stirling Kelly, 22 of Brandywine; and Cidney Breanna Jones, 22 of Upper Marlboro; were indicted on 11 counts in connection with the armed robbery that occurred at Fastop convenience store on Route 4 during the late evening hours of Aug. 31.

Kelly and Jones both face one count each of armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, first-degree assault, conspiracy to commit first-degree assault, second-degree assault, firearm use in a violent crime, loaded handgun on person, theft $100 to under $1,500 and conspiracy to commit theft $100 to under $1,500. Two of the counts are felonies.

Both indictments were handed down Monday, Oct. 15 by a Calvert County grand jury.
In documents filed in District Court, deputies were summoned to the convenience store where a clerk reported he was closing the lottery register when a masked man “ran into the store brandishing a handgun,” Detective Michael Mudd of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office stated. “The suspect jumped the counter and demanded money from the register. The suspect reached for the register drawer. The clerk pulled the register drawer away from the suspect, who threatened to shoot the clerk. The clerk retreated and the suspect grabbed approximately $150 from the register drawer. The suspect jumped back over the counter and grabbed the charitable donation box. At this point, the suspect discharged his handgun in the direction of the wall behind the counter. The donation box was struck by the projectile and burst open, spilling coin and currency on the floor. The suspect gathered the paper currency, believed to be approximately $7 and fled the establishment. The clerk was not hurt in the altercation.”

Detectives gathered evidence at the scene and reviewed surveillance footage and developed a description of the perpetrator. Mudd stated he was able to extract “high resolution photos” from the video surveillance. The images revealed that the perpetrator had a prominent tattoo on his right forearm.

A witness told investigators he observed a red Chevrolet Cobalt fleeing the scene. Store surveillance footage revealed a similar vehicle leaving the scene. A license plate reader at the Calvert/Anne Arundel line reveal a red Chevy Cobalt leaving Calvert on Route 4 minutes after the robbery occurred. The tag reader revealed the vehicle was registered to Jones. That led to discovery that back in July, Jones and Kelly were stopped by the Maryland National Capitol Park Police. A review of Kelly in the officer’s body cam footage revealed he had a tattoo which matched the one seen on the perpetrator in the Fastop footage. Less than a week later, with the aid of Prince George’s County Police, Calvert deputies apprehended Kelly and Jones at the intersection of Danville Road and Clagett Run Road.

When interviewed by Calvert County Sheriff’s Office detectives, Kelly said the pair committed the robbery “so they had money to pay their phone bills,” Mudd stated in court documents. “The money was also used to pay her car insurance so she could continue her job as a LYFT driver. She advised after the robbery Kelly deposited the money in his Navy Federal Bank account.” Jones also told Mudd that “Kelly had stolen the gun from a neighbor who is a drug dealer.”

After being advised by Mudd of his Miranda rights, Kelly invoked his right to remain silent.

To date, Kelly is not represented by an attorney. According to a court summary he has a status conference in Circuit Court tentatively scheduled for Nov. 26. Jones is being represented by attorney Bradley T. Warby. According to a court summary, she has a status conference tentatively scheduled for Nov. 30 in Circuit Court.

A few days after her arrest Jones was released on $5,000 bond. At last report Kelly was being held without bond.

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