Helmets are optional but fun is required

Piney Point, MD - A few weeks ago, a video of some St. Mary’s County residents partaking in a combination of go-kart racing and beer drinking led to an explosion of attention over the 2nd Annual Budlite 500.  

The Facebook Live was originally streamed by user Samantha Green, onto the PPGCN Backyard Cart Racing public group. The video quickly reached a million views within a couple of days and the original video is currently sitting at 2.7 million views and 47,785 shares two weeks later.

The video depicts a display of modern-day ingenuity one would be hard-pressed to rival. As the racers travel around the backyard dirt track on their go-karts, they must come to a stop after completing three laps to chug a can of Bud Light. They then repeat until they have passed out, vomited or finished a six-pack. Whoever can finish the 18 laps and six beers the quickest wins. In a true bout of strength and constitution, Chrys Wade is seen finishing the race as the only man left not heaving up his breakfast, lunch and dinner, thereby, winning the contest. The video ends before Wade can be asked what he’s planning to do following his triumph.

The video was reposted on the Man Stuff (@manstufforiginal) Facebook page, where it has accrued 12 million additional views. The comments of both posts show that the people of Facebook want more and want to be involved. Several asked for where the track was located/how they can join in on the fun, and one even stated that they “got a friend request from some dude in England,” to which they drew the conclusion, “y’all gone worldwide.”

The video encompasses the fun side of the St. Mary’s community, one user proclaimed, “I love St. Mary’s County people, they know how to have a good time,” and a good time is what the backyard go-kart races seem to be. The next race is scheduled for November third, according to the Facebook page, and you can find out more information here.

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