Attempted first-degree murder trial set to begin

Leonardtown, MD- The attempted first-degree murder trial for a Bushwood woman begins today, October 30 at St. Mary’s County Circuit Court. Danielle Miranda, 33, is charged with six counts of attempted first-degree murder, six counts of assault in the first-degree, attempted arson and destruction of property.

In April of 2016, police were called to a home on Mill Creek Drive for a suicidal subject. When they arrived on scene, officers said one victim claimed Miranda threatened to set him on fire and then poured gasoline on herself while she had a lighter in her hand.

Miranda allegedly told the victim she was going to burn down the house with everyone inside. The victims included her father, Daniel Lindsey Sr., Robin Lindsey, her husband Alberto and her three children, ages seven, six and eight-months-old. Police said Miranda’s husband was able to forcibly remove the gasoline and lighter and restrain her until officers arrived. Investigators say there was a strong smell of gasoline throughout the home and on Miranda’s clothing.

Three days after this incident, reported Miranda as a critically missing person. She was located in May of 2016 and placed in custody without bond.

Miranda requested two competency evaluations, both of which deemed her competent to stand trial.

The trial is scheduled to last three days and will presided over by Judge Michael J. Stamm.

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