Reinhardt endorses Krahling for mayor of Chesapeake Beach

Chesapeake Beach election to be held

We have an election in Chesapeake Beach quickly approaching. Four years ago I ran on a platform advocating individual liberty, sound economics and smaller government. These principles allow for greater exercise of choice and range of action for the individual. It is the pursuit of these principles that ultimately enable the fulfillment of a life for a free person. That message resonated with good people of Chesapeake Beach, and they elected me to the council as the fourth highest vote getter in 2012. 

Immediately upon taking office my resolve was challenged by the mayor and his advocates. I was taken into a back room as a forward-leaning “explanation” was presented as to why I needed to vote for a massive 16 million dollar loan for an initiative that was never taken to the people. I voted NO. Against the charter the mayor repeatedly brought the same vote up over and again late into the morning hours until someone changed their vote. It wasn’t me. 

I could write a book about the treachery witnessed in the last four years. This is only one (the first) example of shameful tactics that were used over the last four years to drive the mayor’s agenda, an agenda that serves big money interests. Mayor Wahl’s trickery and deceit has no bounds. I started out as a thorn in the Mayor’s side by being a resolute champion of liberty. Over the last four years it became clear I would not be broken.

Thank God, we will have a new mayor in 2016. The Mayoral race is very important because we have a strong mayor form of government. The council can merely fight an uphill battle to slow his agenda. That is why it is of the utmost importance to elect the right person to the executive office.

In my experience on council I have gotten to know the two mayoral candidates well. Councilman Krahling has been by my side fighting for responsible spending cuts, debt elimination, and elimination of subsidies for special interests. He has been a solid ally the cause of liberty and the people. 

Meanwhile, Councilman Mahoney has performed the trick of most politicians. That is, he campaigned as an independent voice for the people during the election. Then, when the people weren’t looking (busy with their labor, and taking time with loved ones) Councilman Mahoney proceeded to vote in lockstep with Mayor Wahl and 90 percent of the time on ordinances since May 2014. Councilman Mahoney regularly voted YES on nearly all spending ordinances that came to a vote. Voting NO might lose him a vote come election time. Councilman Mahoney was a great aid to the mayor. Their efforts to expand budgets and freely dole out other people’s money was largely a success, thanks in no small part to Pat “Irish” Mahoney’s voting record.

We need a mayor that is not beholden to big money interests. We need a mayor whose actions flow from his words. We need a mayor who is open and honest; an upright and sincere man. I have found Jeff Krahling to possess these traits. He has fought by my side for liberty. That is why I endorse Jeff Krahling for Mayor.  Please join me on Nov. 8 to cast your vote for Jeff Krahling for Mayor at the Northeast Community Center.

Eric Reinhardt
Councilman, Chesapeake Beach

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