Letter from the Editor - Jam at the river

Hollywood, MD - The day after Labor Day 2016 might go down in Southern Maryland history as Gridlock Tuesday. There is no point belaboring the situation that led to the tedious, patience-wearing, aggravating commutes of motorists needing to cross the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge. If somebody took the manhole cover they can keep it, they deserve it. If you took it go ahead and swallow it, already. Like Jimmy Hoffa, it will likely never be found.

A discovery--actually it was more of a rediscovery or reaffirmation--was made that day and it’s much bigger, weightier and pricier than any manhole cover. If you didn’t believe it before, believe it now. The Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge needs to be replaced and soon. Yes, I know we’ve heard all the excuses about no funding, project pecking order, urban vs. rural and it’s as if  federal and certain state officials are singing us a lullaby, hoping we’ll doze off and subsequently drop the subject.

That has to be frustrating for local officials—the ones who get the calls when traffic is stalled and often sit in traffic along with the rest of us.

The fact that a major naval facility is in St. Mary’s and a nuclear power plant and liquefied natural gas plant are in Calvert and their presence has not created a sense of urgency among federal officials--who ought to care about their constituents and employees who live here--is truly confounding.

We hope Governor Hogan will remember his loyal supporters in Southern Maryland. We hope our federal officials, too, will remember the strategic significance of our region, our reliance on motor vehicles and the cost-effectiveness of accommodating our mobility.

Motorists in Southern Maryland don’t deserve to be stuck in traffic—whether that gridlock is the result of serious road safety concerns or preferential politics.

Drive carefully and Godspeed!

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Story about the manhole cover incident

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