Citizen suggests legislation to mandate neuter and spay

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mandate to spay/neuter pets

La Plata, MD - There were quite a few proposals put before the Charles County Commissioners and Charles County delegation at a joint public hearing Tuesday, Sept. 13.

One suggested an amendment to the Constitution.

Another suggested something a little more localized aimed at alleviating Southern Maryland’s stray animal population--asking representatives mandate that pet owners neuter or spay their pets.

Caroline Conroy of Mechanicsville told the gathering that in 2015, the local animal shelter had a 63 percent live and release rate.

“That means 37 percent of the animals are euthanized,” she said.

She said requiring pet owners to spay and neuter would reduce the number of animals that end up in local shelters.

She suggested that breeders would be required to obtain an annual license and would face a cap on the number of animals they could breed.

“This legislation would ask the General Assembly to place a cap on the number of animals they would be allowed to raise,” Conroy stated.

Money raised from breeder licenses could be used to help people without resources to be able to spay and neuter their pets.

Charles County Delegate Sally Jameson [D - District 28] wondered how such legislation would affect all three counties.

“You’re requesting a bill here in Charles County, but I believe there is soon to be a Calvert County shelter,” Jameson said. “We would be requiring them to comply even though they may have their own shelter?”

“Yes ma’am,” Conroy replied. “I believe this is an important tri-county effort.”

The commissioners and legislators will consider the request at an upcoming work session.

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