Compassion in a fast and furious world

To the Editor:

On Thursday Sept. 3 our daughter Lauren Shelby Pitt tragically lost her life in a motorcycle accident in Calvert County at the age of 27. Our daughter was a kind and loving young woman. It’s something her family knew all too well. As most parents know, we all try to raise our children with strong character, with respect for elders, compassion for others, a strong work ethic and moral code.

The true measure of it however, is their actions and deeds when the parenting ends and the move to adulthood and making their way in the world begins. As our family progressed through the difficult days of arrangements and services following the accident, my wife Julie and I stood at the prayers in wonderment and disbelief of the immense outpouring of love and affection, respect and sorrow shown for our lovely daughter and our family. The stories told to us by her teachers, doctors, coworkers and friends about her humor and kindness as well as the compassion for the patients she served as a radiographer at Calvert Orthopedic and St. Mary’s Hospital gave my wife and I an overwhelming sense of comfort and pride that I think only a parent can feel in the accomplishment of their child. She learned her lessons well.

It now seems to be a time in this world where everything seems to circulate around getting everywhere you need to go as fast as possible. Conversation is through email, Twitter, text or the next new gadget. Everyone’s head is down looking at their iPhone. True interpersonal skills, courtesy and manners seem to be fading away. However, our daughter Lauren always seemed to have a way of brightening a room with an uplifting spirit and a million dollar smile. More importantly though, was the way she made people feel relevant and important with her caring and loving demeanor and willingness to talk with anyone, and above all else, listen. She was truly loved and will be missed by many people.

My entire family would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude for the abundant outpouring of support, warm stories, sympathy and prayers shown by family, friends and coworkers during this difficult time.

Lauren, we are so proud of you, for your short time in this world, the impact you made on your family and so many others has been tremendous. Life will never be the same. We love you and you will be with us always.

Mike and Julie Pitt
Hollywood, Maryland

Lauren Shelby Pitt's obituary can be found here.

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