Commissioner wants red light cameras revisited

Leonardtown, MD -- St. Mary’s County Commissioner Todd Morgan [R; 4th District] says it’s time to revisit the idea of red light cameras in the county, particularly along Route 235. Morgan (shown at left)  brought up the idea during commissioners’ time at the Sept. 15 board meeting.

The red light cameras were rejected by the previous board when requested by Sheriff Tim Cameron. During that discussion Morgan poignantly noted, “My wife is dead because someone ran a red light.” Maria Morgan passed away after a long battle after an accident on Route 235 in California.

Morgan said he recently witnessed an accident between a car and an ambulance. He said luckily no one was injured in that accident. But he says a day doesn’t go by that there isn’t an accident along the road. “It’s time to clean up some of that mess,” he said, noting that other roads such as Great Mills Road and Route 5 in Leonardtown also have issues.

Morgan said he was well aware of the opposition to red light cameras because of privacy concerns and also the argument that they are just intended to be revenue raisers. He said he didn’t believe that was the case and suggested the commissioners talk about it at some future date.

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