Feds Place around the clock security at Point Lookout

Point Lookout, MD - Responding to reports of sightings of Federal Police parked at the Point Lookout monument last night, has learned that the Federal Government Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Division has within the last few days contracted with a local security firm based out of Lexington Park.

Jamie Spaulding, president of Spaulding Security and Investigations LLC, was contacted by the Veterans Affairs Office and put under contract to guard the memorial 24/7.

Spaulding was unaware if this is an isolated case or if it is happening nationwide.

Why Point Look Out; the site of a mass grave of confederate inmates who died while in captivity in horrific conditions? Is this going on nationwide? has contacted multiple agencies and is awaiting further details. 

Statement from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
National Cemetery Administration
 regarding security at the Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery:

In response to recent events, VA’s National Cemetery Administration determined the need for additional security measures at certain facilities to ensure the safety of staff, property, and visitors paying respect to those interred. VA has a responsibility to protect the federal property for which it's responsible, and we will continue to monitor and assess the situation going forward.

This is a developing story and will update as we receive more confirmed information. 

If anyone sees anything; please take pictures and/or video and let know at Thank you!

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