Opinion: Coyotes are not cartoon cuties

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HOLLYWOOD, Md. -- These creatures are not your cute furry fellows from a Disney cartoon.

There is a nationwide explosion in the coyote population and they are now apex predators in the wolf's niche, according to Carol Meschter, of Coyote Awareness South Bay.

Although she resides in California, she was very passionate about what coyotes are capable of doing across the country as they attempt to live side by side with humans.  

“They brazenly reside in residential areas, killing cats, dogs, hobby livestock, and attacking children and adults,” said Meschter.

She mentioned the amount of coyotes attacking people and animals outside of their more natural habitat. 

“This week a horse was attacked and killed in Orchard Park, New York by a pack. There have been at least six horses killed in the US over the past six months and pack hunting is now common,” said Meschter.

The 20-year animal rights love affair and disinformation campaign with them must stop, Meschter stated.

“Coyotes are dangerous and carnivorous predators, not cute furry fellows from a Disney Cartoon.  Humans have successfully hunted them and kept them at bay in the Americas for 500 years,” said Meschter.

Coyotes can be removed and their populations in urban areas drastically reduced, said Meschter.

“Killing them does not make them breed more or have larger litters. What municipalities need to bring them to their senses is a large lawsuit by cat and dog owners and bite victims demanding compensation for the loss, pain and suffering caused by the city-protected furry little coyotes,” said Meschter.

She mentioned the currently accepted ‘hazing’ technique for scaring off the coyote.

“People trying to throw sticks and rocks, or hoot like monkeys at these animals is totally ineffective and they need to be met with a shotgun or an ax,” said Meschter.

It is only a matter of time until a person or child is badly mauled or even killed, she added. 

“The man that was bitten 19 times in LA last week tried to drive off the coyotes, to no avail,” said Meschter.

For more information, check out the Coyote Awareness South Bay Facebook page.

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