Letter to the Editor - Krahling is running for mayor

To the Editor:

I have decided to run for Mayor of Chesapeake Beach in the coming election, and wish to submit the below for your use as you see fit.

I am a lifetime Maryland resident of 60 years. I have succeeded as an entrepreneur over the past 33 years.  After getting my start as an automotive mechanic, I then moved into real estate.  I have worked as a Realtor, builder, and renovator for 27 years. For the past 12 years, I have lived and worked right here in Chesapeake Beach. I served 4 years as a member of the Board of Appeals, and have been a Town Councilman since 2012.

In Chesapeake Beach we have problems with inequitable treatment of citizens, favoritism, and dishonesty. We also suffer from a lack of openness, transparency, and fiscal responsibility. Our budgets have expanded through massive loans. These issues and more need to be addressed. 

That is why I have decided to run for Mayor. As Mayor, I pledge to be in town nearly every day, and be available to the citizens. I will work hard to preserve and promote the small town family atmosphere in our town. I will introduce a five year budget to ensure fiscal responsibility by planning for known future expenses. I will be open, honest, and inclusive in my dealings to establish a transparent government for the people.

I have worked hard to improve this town, which is my home. Now, I would like to get to work improving this town as your Mayor.

Jeffrey Krahling
Councilman, Chesapeake Beach

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