A Letter from the Editor – A profession deserving praise

Hollywood, MD - As we begin another school year, it occurs to me that educators—on all levels—sometimes get a bad rap. Before I go further, let me just reveal that I have four nieces who are teachers so perhaps I am not impartial. I also know a few teachers and administrators to whom I am not related. I am not so naïve to think there are no bad educators, no bad people who are educators or educators who were once good educators but now need to either retire or look for another line of work. People inside the education community would tell you as much.

Classroom teachers find themselves critiqued for giving too much homework, being too strict, playing favorites or lamenting the relatively small size of their paychecks. Administrators find themselves in the critics’ crosshairs for being way too ambitious, overpaid and unfair. And, it has become popular with a certain ilk to accuse all educators of being politically biased with the goal of brainwashing the next generation.

Society needs a timeout.

If you think the kids have to get up way too early and stay too late, imagine how long the day must be for teachers and administrators. If you think your kids have too much work to do, try to fathom the enormous in-box of the teacher and administrator. Both groups of educators rise early and have to head off to work knowing that they have to deal with what most of us would consider a logistical train-wreck. After a long day, they rest briefly, and rise the following day to repeat the process and pray the paradigm didn’t shift overnight while their eyes were shut.

Whatever you do for a living—whether you’re a government contractor, car salesman, stock broker, accountant or laborer in a dynamite factory—your job likely doesn’t have the stress level of an educator.

To be certain, there likely will be incidents this upcoming school year, there always are. Someone’s child will be bullied, another kid will miss his or her bus, while another gets unfairly blamed for something another kid did. The drama that is education has been going on for several generations. Our local educators will be in the eye of every storm.

Like law enforcement, society will never be able to afford to pay educators what they are truly worth. We laud and admire them for their grace under fire. We hope all educators, students and parents enjoy the best school year ever!

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