Military style knife used to stab man in Waldorf

Waldorf, Md- On Monday July 9, obtained charging documents regarding the stabbing of Brandon Russell Hamilton. The stabbing took place on June 18, around 6:51 p.m. at the Hard Times Cafe on Smallwood Drive West.

According to PFC O'Shields, when he arrived at the Hard Times Cafe, he observed the victim walking away from the suspect. He noticed blood on Hamiltons shirt and Hamilton was yelling obscenities at Joseph Calvin Thompson, the suspect. Hamilton told O'Shields  he did not want the police to press charges against Thompson for the stabbing.

O'Shields placed Thompson under arrest in the parking lot of Hard Times Cafe, and while performing a search of the suspect, located a retractable box cutter-style knife in the rear left pants pocket and an empty knife sheath in his front left pants pocket. O'Shields advised there were no other people near Hamilton and Thompson when he arrived on the scene. 

Additional officers began conducting a search of the area to locate the knife that was potentially used to stab Hamilton. Officer Rickard located a black fixed blade tactical knife in the bushes of the Hard Times Cafe, at the exact point O'Shields observed Thompson. Additionally, the knife fit perfectly in the sheath that had been recovered off Thompson's person prior to the search of the area. 

During the course of the investigation, it was learned that the two men were acquaintances and O'Shields had seen them together about 45 minutes prior to the stabbing at the Smallwood Park. Thompson was taken to the Charles County Sheriff's Office's District 3 station for questioning. Detective Smith was interviewing the suspect when Thompson admitted to stabbing Hamilton twice in the shoulder and tossed the knife when he heard the police coming. Thompson told Smith that he was with Hamilton and they were in the area of the liquor store near Hard Times Cafe when Hamilton started calling him a "bitch" and trying to agitate him. Thompson advised that Hamilton also struck him in the face with a closed fist and at that point Thompson walked away. Thompson said he walked back by Hamilton, and Thompson again called him a "bitch" and charged him. They began wrestling. That is when Thompson allegedly pulled out a fixed blade tactical knife and stabbed Hamilton twice in the shoulder. The blade is estimated to be three inches long. 

Hamilton was flown to Prince Georges County Trauma Center where a chest tube was inserted. According to a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Office, the injuries were eventually determined to be non-life-threatening. Thompson has been charged with dangerous weapon with intent to injure, reckless endangerment, second-degree assault and first-degree assault. He faces a maximum of 43 years in jail and/or $8,500 in fines. Thompson is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on July 18.

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