Man takes state's plea deal for armed robbery in dorm

Leonardtown, MD - Marquis Xavier Bullet was in court Monday, July 9, about his role in the armed robbery of a fellow student in his dorm room at St. Mary's College of Maryland back in February. 

According to testimony by the States Attorney's Office, Bullet entered the dorm room with three other men Feb. 9 and demanded the victim hand over his property or they would take it forcefully. One of the suspects displayed a handgun in his waistband, to compel the victim to comply. The victim complied with the men's request. The men found two ounces of marijuana in a dresser drawer, six ounces of marijuana in a blue lock box, in addition to $40 that was found in the victim's wallet. The approximate street value of the marijuana was $1,200. 

The victim did not initially report the robbery to the St. Mary's College of Maryland Public Safety officers or to the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office. Rumors begin to spread among the college community and the following day several students went to the Public Safety Office at the college to report the robbery. The Public Safety Office approached and questioned the victim about the robbery, at which time the victim stated he did not want to file a report. On Feb. 11, the victim finally filed a report with the Public Safety Office, which contacted the Sheriff's Office. 

During the Sheriff's Office's investigation, it was determined the handgun that was displayed was a BB gun. It was also determined that the suspects went to the dorm room specifically to take the marijuana. 

A tearful mother spoke on her son's behalf, telling the judge, "He wasn't raised this way."  The mother was pleading for her son to come home because she is sick and he has been helping to take care of her and pay the bills while he's been released from jail.

Bullet was facing a maximum of 55 years in jail and/or $5,000 in fines. Bullet was charged with armed robbery, robbery and theft. The state's attorney's plea offer dropped the armed robbery and theft charges, charging him with robbery. It was recommended by the State's Attorney's Office that Bullet serve seven years in jail, and have all but 18 months suspended. In addition, Bullet will be eligible for work release Oct. 1, 2018. Once Bullet completes his 18 months in jail, he will be on supervised probation and will be required to have a drug screening and evaluation. Bullet accepted this plea deal July 9. 

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