Politics 2016 – When Cruz control fails

Cleveland, OH  - The night was supposed to belong to the running mate. However, one of the losers of the 2016 Presidential Primary season and a female pundit who apparently doesn’t wave very well stole the show on evening three of the Republican National Convention (RNC).

Writing for American Prospect, Harold Meyerson indicated the 2016 RNC in Cleveland has rivaled the stridency of the 1964 convention in San Francisco. It was 52 years ago that the GOP took a leap of faith and nominated Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater.

The stridency of the 2016 RNC manifested itself when Texas Senator Ted Cruz forgot, failed or simply declined to endorse the party’s nominee, business mogul Donald Trump. Some have speculated that Cruz was trying to launch his 2020 campaign for the White House. Judging from all the booing, the next campaign appears to be off to a very poor start.

In his essay “Boos for Cruz," Meyerson pointed out “Cruz’s is a risky calculation in two ways: First, he may have estranged so much of the party’s base that he undercut his future prospects. Second, Trump may win, in which case Cruz would do well to seek another line of work. On the other hand, Cruz is still a hero to many in the party’s ultra-right wing, though this year’s primaries have made clear that what the right craves most is the tough talk and thuggishness that Trump provides. Cruz’s decision not to endorse likely wasn’t purely a matter of calculation, however. In the course of the campaign, after all, Trump tweeted an unflattering photo of Cruz’s wife and accused his father of involvement in President Kennedy’s assassination. These are the kinds of things that just might deter a guy from endorsing the perpetrator for the office of president.”

Meyerson also pointed out that another target of the gathering’s hostilities is—surprise!—The Media. However, the aforementioned female pundit, Laura Ingraham, was well-received. She did voice support for Trump and was finished with her speech. Then it happened. Her wave to the left blew up Twitter, with hints and allegations that the wave looked like the Nazi salute. “So, we’re all just go to pretend Laura Ingraham didn’t just do a Nazi salute? Okay,” stated one Tweeter.

The wave remains under review by replay officials. For now, the ruling on the floor stands.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence also spoke.

Meanwhile, the Maryland Delegation to the RNC has discovered the town of Independence, Ohio. The Free State’s delegation is staying at Crown Plaza South, 15 miles outside of Cleveland and a 20-minute ride on I-77. The training facility for the World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers is located in Independence.

No matter who else is scheduled to speak Thursday night, the evening no doubt will belong to The Donald. The acceptance speech gives Trump a chance to marginalize all the other drama of the four-day convention. The defining moment is expected to occur around 8:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

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