We should stop wars not prolong them

Letter to the Editor

The world we live in today is filled with cruelty and injustice; everywhere we look there is some dictator sucking life out of a nation or a hypocrite playing the role of a democratic president or prime minister or whatever pretending to care about people when in fact many had to die for him to be where he is now.

The problem with dictators is that “They don’t have to answer to anyone, they can do whatever they want without worrying about its consequences”. Lord Acton said: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, that’s exactly the case when someone in the seat of power decides to start a war between two nations, to condemn a lot of people to death just for political purposes and that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

I say we, “The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, “The LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD” and “The GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD” are the only country which has the power and the means to stop these horrific wars and I say it’s our duty and responsibility to do so.

The reality is different though; there are wars all around the world that not only we don’t stop but also contribute to prolong. Let me give you an example;

Saudi Arabia has attacked Yemen. Saudi Arabia is considered our ally when in fact it is one of the worst enemies we have, most of the terrorist groups like ISIS (ISIL/IS) get their ideology, their money and their training from Saudis and even though Saudi Arabia appears to be against them, it really isn’t. Saudi Arabia is a regional power in the middle east and it’s government considers Iran its most dangerous enemy (this animosity is mostly religious since Saudi Arabia and Iran are representatives of two Islamic sects, Shiite and Salafi (Wahabbi), each one denouncing the other) and tries to undermine Iran’s power and influence specially in the region. Shiites form a big part of Yemeni population so Iran considers Yemen an ally and helps Yemenis anyway possible.

This rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia led to the war we are witnessing today. Regardless of the reasons behind Saudi aggression, they STARTED this war and lots of innocent people, women and children, are getting killed and this is where WE come in.

What is US’ role in all this? Surely Saudi Arabia wouldn’t dare continue its aggression if we tell them to stop but not only we didn’t tell them to stop but also gave them a new shipment of weapons worth 5.4 billion dollars. These weapons would be used mostly to kill innocent civilians and their blood will be on our hands. Why contribute to such a horrific war, a war that could be easily avoided and doesn’t take more than a few phone calls for our government to put an end to it?

Third world countries may not know how to resolve their conflicts without a war but we do. Violence is becoming the common language nowadays and people are getting used to killing each other for no reason. Taking sides in meaningless conflicts and shipping arms to countries which would use them without any restrains is wrong.

It’s our responsibility as the leader of the free world to lead the world towards peace in this time. We have a lot of influence all around the world, we can use it to bring PEACE instead of WAR and that ability, the ability to bring PEACE, makes us unique. That is what makes us the most powerful country in the world not the number of our nuclear warheads.

Jeffry Donovan

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