Letter to the Editor - Let's have "REAL DEMOCRACY"

To the Editor:

America is the most democratic country in the World, even our kids follow the rule of democracy in their games. Every American is proud of the fact, but how democratic is our political system? How democratic could it be? We have two major parties and anybody who wants to have a real shot at getting elected must be a member of these two; what if someone is NOT a democrat or a republican yet the best man for the job? What if these two parties are corrupt and their members don’t care about what’s best for the country but what’s best for their party? There are a lot of disadvantages to having a two party system the least of which is GUARANTEED POWER; if you are a republican or a democrat, there’s no need to have a real plan to fix things because all you have to do to get elected is to destroy other party’s representative, find a weakness, a bad comment or a wrong decision and discredit him and you are in.

In a truly democratic election people can choose WHO IS THE BEST based on their opinions, plans and personal qualities not their affiliation with a political party.

Right now, we only have “The illusion of democracy” and the most important decisions for our country are made by people who have the same ideas for decades so the same mistakes are being made over and over again and that’s the source of our problems, not a foreign country or a terrorist group but our

We need other political parties, not just the appearance but real political involvement. We need elected officials who put the people first and think about their country before their political party.

Jeffry Donovan

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