Leonardtown man sentenced on drug charges

Geoffrey Walter Uhall

Leonardtown, MD- On Friday, June 1, a Leonardtown man was sentenced on two drug charges stemming from the fatal overdose of a Lexington Park woman.

Geoffrey Walter Uhall, now 31, was facing several charges in connection with the death of Colleen Cord, 58. (pictured) In February, a jury acquitted Uhall of the most serious charges, including second-degree depraved heart murder and manslaughter. He was found guilty of controlled dangerous substance (CDS) distribution and CDS possession.

Judge David W. Densford sentenced Uhall to 10 years in prison and suspended all but 18 months. Uhall received credit for 303 days for time served while on level 4 release before the trial. Uhall was also authorized work release.

Uhall’s attorney, James Farmer, told he believes Uhall will serve about six months behind bars due to the Justice Reinvention Act (JRA).

The JRA took effect Oct. 1, 2017, and is led by Governor Larry Hogan’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. The new law was designed to address changes that were put into place in the 1980s amid the rise in violent crime and the crack epidemic that was sweeping across the country. The JRA is an attempt to avoid wasting money on incarceration that is not improving public safety.

Uhall was one of eight suspects charged with second-degree depraved heart murder in St. Mary’s County’s attempt to crackdown on drug dealers who are selling drugs that lead to deadly overdoses.

In February, Fritz told that despite zero convictions on the second-degree murder charge, he called the decision to prosecute suspected drug dealers a success. “Although we didn’t get convictions on all of the charges, it’s still more than what we were doing before we started charging the suspects.” Fritz went on to say more states are starting to move in the same direction and are seeking to prosecute people who are connected with overdose deaths.

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