5 Celebrities Who Love Indoor Gardening

The hype surrounding indoor gardening is not likely to diminish any time sooner, and it is for a good reason. Gardening is no longer what it used to be. It is now easier to grow the tomatoes you love so much, efficiently, and more conveniently indoors and all thanks to new gardening knowledge and technology.

Urban dwellers are continually finding ways of using that extra space they have within their homestead to grow a plant or two. No one can deny the sophistication that indoor gardening today that they are spending countless hours tending to them and impress their friends.

But this new trend is best highlighted by the growing number of celebrities that are finding indoor gardening as worth the effort – we love it when famous figures align with our interest and likes, don’t we?

So who are these celebrities that don’t mind a little dirt and some breaking of the sweat tending plants?

1. Martha Stewart is one celebrity TV personality that can’t seem to get enough of indoor gardening. She has a host of plants and has embraced organic gardening – you may find her giving tips here and there in the media.

Her living room has freshwater plants and flowers she is proud of flaunting. It is not unusual to find her deep in dirt transplanting an exotic here or a native there and shaping her topiaries in a typical day – she knows something that many don't, apparently, and we love her for it.

2. Oprah Winfrey: leads a healthy lifestyle of consuming the food she grows. Oprah has more than 4000ft of space at Maui where she produces a variety of veggies that she does not shy away from sharing.

3. Prince Charles: gardening is a sort of obsession for the future king of England – his Highgrove Garden says as much. The lavishly tended gardens shout royalty to anyone that lays eyes on them, and they have played an essential role in the prince's organic planting campaign. 

There are up to 21 gardens with an estimated 750 varieties of plants – it is indeed a plant kingdom out there.

4. Ellen DeGeneres: is another celebrity can never live without indoor plants, literally speaking. Her living room features exotic plants that add a sophisticated theme – something that awes all her guests, and fans alike. Her home in California has a pond and trees that add to an overall feel of nature – it is a space that anyone wouldn’t mind spending a significant amount of time in, probably an eternity.

5. Jake Gyllenhaal: is seen continually watering an indoor plant in the movie Nightcrawler. As it turns out, Jake is a movie star with a green thumb in real life – talk of projecting your hobby on screen!

Jake grew up in a family that loves to grow their own crops, and that must have definitely rubbed on him. And to demonstrate his passion for gardening, Jake is enthusiastically involved in Edible Schoolyard Project which inspires children to grow their own vegetable gardens and adopt healthy eating habits  - now that’s what we are talking about.

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