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Hollywood, MD- “It gives you a competitive edge. If buyers go and look at five homes and one was staged, they remember the more inviting feeling of the staged home. It’s a marketing tool because it shows the home at its best,” explains Andrea Velazquez, owner of Home Staging by Evelyn.

Velazquez started her home staging business a year ago with the help of her parents, Terri and Joe Evans of Hollywood. “We got the idea because I was selling my home in Boston. The realtor told me the home needed to be staged and once it was staged it started a bidding war, sold in two days and sold for much more than I was asking. I realized how lucrative staging a home can be so I started looking into doing it here in Southern Maryland.”

Velazquez said the home staging concept is somewhat new in Southern Maryland. In the past year, the homes she has staged have sat on the market an average of 151 days. Once she staged the homes, they sold in an average of 41 days. “We want people to believe in the product and to know it works and it sells homes faster and sells them for more money.”

Velazquez said there’s research to back up her claims. The National Association of Realtors conducted research to investigate the benefits of staging your home. On average, staged homes spend 73-87 percent less time on the market than a vacant home. Staged homes also sell for 17 percent more than vacant homes. “The National Association of Realtors says for every $100 you spend in staging, you’ll average $400 on your return,” Velazquez noted.

Most sellers make the decision to stage their home after it has sat on the market for weeks or months. Velazquez said staging is key to help buyers envision living there. “It highlights the positive aspects of the home and how to maximize the space.”
Velazquez continued, “We recently staged a home where buyer feedback kept saying the dining room was too small and there was no way to fit a table in there. We went in and staged it and showed how to use the space and it sold in a week.”

Home Staging by Evelyn targets completely vacant homes. The cost varies, depending on the need and size of the home. The price averages $800-$3,500 for a three-month contract. “One way to reduce the cost is to not stage every room. We can always do less with strategic staging and highlight the key rooms,” Velazquez explained. “One thing that is unique to our business is that we don’t charge anything upfront. The sellers will not owe any money until after the first 30 days.” The company requires a three-month contract. “It can be extended, if needed, but we’ve never had anyone reach the end of their contract.”

Velazquez said she has plenty of furniture and décor to accommodate a variety of homes. “We always buy new décor for each home to optimize its features.” Currently, she has three homes staged and all three are under contract to sell.

“When we stage a home, we also consider the target market and we will try to make it most appealing to who is most likely to purchase the home.” Velazquez said. She also noted that, on average, realtors are using staging companies in a third of the homes they’re selling.

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Editor’s note: Evelyn is the name of Andrea’s five year old daughter.

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