Opinion: She's not the leader we need

HOLLYWOOD, MD -- She’s got two faces, and they’re both named Hillary Clinton.

It shouldn’t take much effort to find the leading example of political corruption in this American game of thrones. With multiple scandals under her belt, Hillary is not the leader this country needs.

She’s been a First Lady, a Senator, and a Secretary of State, but never a president. The phrase “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” comes to mind.

She calls herself a progressive, but I see nothing progressive about her. She’s singing the same old song that old school politicians have been able to do. She seems to be above the law in regards to her association with conflict of interest, bribery and making false statements. All while keeping a cool demeanor and seeming ‘unflappable.’

She has made miserable attempts to connect with younger voters through social media, which only add to my opinion that she is not authentic in her desire to garner these votes. She reminds me of an awkward grandmother who read a self-help book titled ‘How to appeal to Millennials.’  With tweets, snapchats, and YouTube videos of her rapping, she can’t get on our level even if she tried. She’s so out of touch with what Millennials want and need. 

When attempting to describe Hillary, the word liar comes to my mind. Other phrases that remind me of the presidential hopeful are her alleged scandals with Cattle Future Contracts, Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster’s suicide, Benghazi, the Email-gate, and more. Her alleged crimes span back before I was even born. I would never vote for someone who seems so selfish and controversial.

No matter what the media says about her or what she says about herself, her alleged actions speak louder than any pre-written press conference she has hosted.

Instead of standing in solidarity with her husband’s sexual assault victims, she is determined to put those people in their place by silencing them, with her at the top with her private email server. It seems like she would rather choose money over just about anything else.

Her reasons for her alleged actions would be unacceptable for a private citizen. Because she is a public figure, she should be held to a higher standard of what happens to people when they make the wrong choices and alliances. Nobody forced her hand on any of the actions she has been accused of committing, because from the looks of it, she’s pulling the strings.

Normal people do not get away with the things she has been accused of. But Hillary isn’t a normal person. She’s a Clinton, a lasting reminder of the circus show her husband ran in the 90's.

Bill has been reported to say in 1992 the nation was getting ‘two presidents for the price of one.’ I don’t want that kind of deal.

I’m tired of the scandals, and the wool being pulled over my eyes. Instead of moving backwards, we need a presidential candidate that will move our country forward. We need a leader that will unite the divided and work to ensure a better quality of life for all, not just the people with the biggest wallets. And it’s not Hillary.

I've had my say, now what's yours? Let's share. 

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