Opinion: Talkin’ dirty for the blind

HOLLYWOOD, MD -- It’s about time there was easily accessible explicit audio for the visually impaired. 

I’m fairly certain that every adult with internet access has viewed some kind of pornographic material. When there wasn’t internet, DVDs or VHS tapes, there was Playboy magazines and classic painting depicting nude scenes. 

For the millions of people around the world who are blind or visually impaired, porn is probably more like a collection of odd noises and physical movement rather than something that can be enjoyed, according to this article

And who doesn’t enjoy talkin’ dirty while doing the deed?

Pornhub, the adult video-sharing site, has launched a ‘described video’ category, in which professional voice actors explain what’s happening. It’s not just what the actors are doing, it’s everything from the description of the setting, the models, their outfits (or lack of them) and the positions they’re acting out. Many of those narrated clips already have over 20,000 views.

I think it's a great idea to include the visually impaired, because their money is worth the same as people who can enjoy porn visually. It's also a good idea for people who might feel it is against their morals to watch, but can let their imagination take over when they listen. It's like books on tape for porn.

“The blind have every right to access porn as they do classical Shakespeare or any other kind of video,” said Joel Snyder, director of the audio description project at the American Council of the Blind.

The move to include more consumers is a part of the accessibility initiative driven by the adult entertainment company’s philanthropic division, Pornhub Cares. They’re the same masterminds behind the “Save the Boobs” campaign.

While the company is invested in making the site accessible to as many consumers as possible, it makes sense economically to include people who can’t or choose to enjoy visual porn.

“There are more than 21 million people in this country who are either blind or have trouble seeing even with eye correction. The community is large and has buying power, so this smacks of something that just economically makes good sense,” said Snyder.

The website wants to describe as much as possible for the user with the best possible experience while not taking away from the video’s original audio, said Pornhub vice-president Corey Price.

“It’s our goal to service all of our users’ needs, which begins with making content accessible to every individual,” said Price. “We selected some of the videos that were better suited for narration and could be best described in detail.”

Pornhub isn’t the first organization to make porn accessible for the visually impaired. recruited volunteers to record graphic descriptions of popular adult videos in 2006, which were uploaded as MP3 files. The site became a cult hit, attracting as many as 150,000 visitors per month.

Pornhub launched in 2007, and claims 60 million daily views to its professional and amateur adult content.

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