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HOLLYWOOD, MD -- Surrounded by the fear of  so-called bleeding heart liberals and gun nut conservatives, I had to ask myself what would be the best option to reduce gun violence.

The pictures that gun control and rights advocates paint seem to be of two impossible worlds where nobody needs guns, or that your average citizen is going to be able to take out a would-be criminal with their personal firearm if only they carried them. 

There should be a way to cut down on violence aided by guns.There are only three options I can think of and why they may or may not work. 

Option 1: Take away everyone’s guns.

Taking away guns from the common citizens isn’t going to work, because there are people who truly depend on guns for survival and comfort.

If people were this infuriated about Internet con-artists stealing money from the elderly, taking away Internet access wouldn’t be the answer.

Outlawing the tool is taking a side step in preventing the crime. Crime will happen no matter how many laws are in place. Guns do not sit in their safes waiting to shoot at their next victim. Guns are inanimate objects, incapable of anything other than rusting away. It’s the people pulling the trigger that are the real threat.

According to this article, most guns are not being used in crimes. Most gun owners are not committing crimes. Most guns used in mass shootings were either legally obtained or stolen.

I’m not sure there would be enough laws set in place to prevent crime. I don’t want to live in a world where the novel '1984' is fact, and not fiction. 

The supposed ‘War on Drugs’ didn’t work, only adding a taboo appeal to trying new kinds of highs. I can assume that outlawing all guns will only make people turn to the black market and cutthroat sellers.

Let’s see what else we could do to stop gun violence.

Option 2: Everyone should carry a gun.

Many people have the opinion that if more people carried personal firearms, the world would be a safer place. While this is a great idea, I’m not sure this would be good in practice.

An average citizen may believe they will not crack under pressure if a terrorist situation occurred. Even law enforcement officials and military personnel trained for these kinds of events can make mistakes.

I can’t imagine living in a place where everyone carried firearms. How can I tell who is the responsible gun owner and who is the next mass murderer? Seeing people carry guns doesn’t make me feel safer, it stresses me out. Guns are tools to be respected. They’re not toys to dangle on your hip or carry in a handbag to whip out anytime a person feels threatened. If people are not confident with their firearms, a criminal can disarm and use the weapon against the owner.

Option 3: Take a balanced approach to what the media is trying to tell you about gun ownership.

Realistically, both extreme ideas about gun ownership are logically impossible. This world is not perfect, and we’re being manipulated into fearing for our personal safety through the mainstream media and the politicians that are supposed to represent us in government affairs.

The topic of gun control or rights is good for the media business because people will continue to tune in to their favorite media source to confirm their fears that ‘they’re trying to take away American rights,’ by either arming or disarming the public.

Instead of being honest and reputable news sources, they want to hype everyone up and scare them into believing the world is going to hell. Reported crime has never been lower, according to this website

Gun rights advocates want a balanced approach to how the media portrays gun ownership, and so do I. While it may not be as sensational as mass shootings, it is possible to have positive coverage of gun ownership.

Do the research and try to take a balanced approach to the topic of gun ownership. It is possible to own a firearm and never have to use it against another person. Having that kind of security is valuable to many, but taking it away because of a few bad apples make responsible owners look like demons.

I’ve had my say, now what’s yours? Let’s share.

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