Are we watching a presidential puppet show?

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HOLLYWOOD, MD -- Voters are truly stuck between a rock and a hard place for the 2016 presidential election.

Should they vote for the representative of the currently warped political playing field, or an inexperienced loud newcomer?  Or should they toss their vote to a candidate who hasn’t basked in the glory (or wallowed in the shame) of international news?

Media coverage has turned this presidential race into something more acceptable for an episode of South Park.

Many believe that Donald Trump is a Democratic weapon of mass destruction, cultivated by Hillary and Bill Clinton to force voters to pick a side in her favor. But what does Trump gain by losing to Hillary?

There is ‘proof’ that Trump is not serious about this race. Aside from not having real answers for direct questions, he may have flip-flopped between parties since the 80s, with proof that he’s publicly changed his mind about important conservative issues such as abortion and immigration. He’s rubbed elbows with powerful people, such as the Clintons, at social events like his wedding to his wife number three in 2005.

And that clandestine phone call Trump shared with Bill Clinton in May before announcing his bid for candidacy in June? Was it really just a curious call about Trump’s interest in the race, or was Bill manipulating him into running? Or did he choose to run because he had the freedom and the funds to do so?

From the perspective the media has painted, Trump would not actively decide to lower himself from business magnate to political pawn, to be moved at the will of “Crooked” Hillary.

His small fingered ego would not stand for being pushed around by a woman, no matter how much money is involved or what kind of business loopholes would come of the deal. How many women has he insulted online, and how many marriages has he had? He clearly does not respect women, so why would he bow down to one for business gain?

Among all of the potential Republican candidates, he stood out among the rest because he took advantage of mainstream media’s desire to cover the raunchy and shocking.

He will not answer a direct question by claiming that he’s got the best ideas. The most amazing ideas. Yyuuuge ideas that will just blow people away. Trump’s ability to dodge questions is lacking, but the media still loves him.

His tactless social media posts reminds me of an ignorant middle school bully.

Riddle me this: Is this the real Donald Trump we’re seeing on national television, or is this just another episode of Celebrity Apprentice to him?  Will he be fired from his own show, with the GOP yanking the nomination out from under him?

If the rumor is true, Hillary is the master puppeteer pulling on Trump’s strings and shoving her hand in areas best not described.

What would stop Hillary from taking advantage of Trump’s ability to get all cameras on him? Double crossing the American public and allying with Trump would help her to draw attention away from more qualified GOP candidates that could knock her out of the running.

The rumor and Trump’s actions do not line up anymore. If the rumor is true, it would mean that Hillary is incapable of earning the presidency on her own.

The Clintons, for all of their political power, couldn’t beat Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary. To pull off this conspiracy, the couple would have had to cultivate a capricious and explosive real-estate developer turned reality TV star for over a decade. They would have had to gamble that he could mount a serious presidential campaign, but not so serious enough as to actually win.

They would have had to pull off this puppet show without anyone knowing the wiser. Is this reality, or is it just television programming?

If Trump were to lose against Hillary, he would be tossed into the same group of failed Republican candidates he labelled as losers early in the race. Surely he wasn’t self-projecting when he got that free press.

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