Repeat criminal sentenced to prison

Updated June 9, 2017

Leonardtown, MD - Michael J. Stamm sentenced Gene Messineo, 22, of Leonardtown, to eight years in prison Friday, June 6.

Messineo pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary in May.

Leonardtown, MD- A Leonardtown man is facing more prison time after pleading guilty to burglary.

On May 3, Gene Messineo, 22, entered a guilty plea in connection with a burglary in November of 2015. However, this isn’t the first time Messineo has pleaded guilty to burglary.

In January of 2014, Messineo entered a guilty plea to fourth-degree burglary. He had been originally charged with several more serious counts, which were nolle prossed by the state. The original first-degree burglary charge stemmed from a break-in at a home in Compton in April of 2013 and an earlier break-in at a home in Mechanicsville. At the earlier incident the homeowner discovered Messineo in the house. He allegedly ran away to his mother’s residence. He was eventually arrested after someone saw him looking into the window of a home in Compton.

When Messineo was sentenced in January 2014, St. Mary’s County Circuit Court Judge Michael Stamm released him from jail after 246 days. However, Judge Stamm stated that if Messineo was to be arrested again, he would have to serve the remainder of a three-year prison term.

In addressing the judge before sentencing in 2014 Messineo said, “I really want to better myself. I apologize to you.” Arresting papers at the time of the incidents quoted Messineo as saying he was high when the burglaries occurred.

Messineo will be back in court on June 2 for sentencing.

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