May 4 Horoscope

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horoscope baynetARIES: The planets are wiling to make a deal with you today, Aries. Stay in bed and fantasize about life as a CEO or rock star, or get up and do what you have to do to make your dreams come true. Try and convince yourself  that you don't have to lose your wonder when you enter the real world. 

horoscope baynetTAURUS: It's possible you could meet someone today who will act as a kind of Pygmalion for you. You need to be surrounded and encouraged by people who believe in you, Taurus. If you do meet this kind of person, don't be a showoff. Listen to what he or she has to say to you, because it's for your own good.

horoscope baynetGEMINI: You are particularly inspired by (and sensitive to) crisis situations. You can't stand to see other people suffer. Sometimes you suffer because you don't allow yourself to do things that can help you feel fulfilled as a person. Don't be so hard on yourself, just for today. 

horoscope baynetCANCER: Today is a day that will push you to act in the areas of your life where you may have hesitated before. Does your love life need a breath of fresh air? Have you been dreaming of a nice candlelit dinner with your partner, or a weekend in the country? It's time to stop dreaming, and do something. 

horoscope baynetLEO: Are you questioning your level of personal satisfaction, Leo? It's possible you have more demands than ever because things seem so urgent now. You should express some of your negative emotions to your partner before you resent them. Things should be much clearer. 

horoscope baynetVIRGO:  Let your intuition guide you today, Virgo. If you have time, you might want to let your mind go and follow the train of thought wherever it takes you. You could do with a little self-discovery. Remember, your desires are fantasies before they become realities, so dream a little.

horoscope baynetLIBRA: All you want to think about today is a vacation, Libra.  Because you're usually such a responsible and conscientious worker, you can afford to escape for just a few minutes. You could visit the world inside of you, and find something that's been on your mind for that now requires action.

horoscope baynetSCORPIO: Have you ever considered getting involved in a humanitarian cause or giving a few hours of your time every week to your local community? You are an excellent friend who takes pride in helping, Scorpio, Use your ideas to help those around you. 

horoscope baynetSAGITTARIUS: The people around you may seem particularly demanding today. Be careful not to go beyond your personal limits or else you could be the one who needs other people's help, Sagittarius.

horoscope baynetCAPRICORN: Today should be rather strange today, Capricorn. The celestial atmosphere could be playing tricks. You may feel as if you live in a world full of dinosaurs. Maybe you become aggravated for no reason at all. Unless it's because you've been meeting too many people who don't appreciate how original you are. 

horoscope baynetAQUARIUS:  You might be upset by financial matters today, Aquarius. It's possible you invested a good deal of money in something that could have waited, and now you can't invest in something much more important. Everyone learns these difficult lessons at some point. 

horoscope baynetPISCES:  Ignore your habit of always trying to find an explanation for everything today. Something is changing inside you and in the way you react to situations, Pisces. The desire to incorporate life's more unpredictable aspects into your personality is the basis for these changes. Be honest with yourself about thes desires. 

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