Porn Star and the Pentagon--this is not fake news

Arlington, VA - According to an article that appeared in the Washington Times, earlier this year, "A guy named Ari Chivukula works at the Pentagon as a digital services expert. His employment wouldn’t be an eye-opener in the least except that while serving in this Department of Defense capacity, Chivukula also maintains his position as co-founder of “Queer Church,” a title that puts him smack in the middle of the porn industry. has reached out to Navy Commander Patrick L. Evans, requesting information specifically about Chivukula's role and his cyber security access level. Sources in the Pentagon have told that questions are surfacing about the level of Chivukula's security clearance   

What is available for all to see is his personal web site, complete with self-description, which reads: “I live at the intersection of art, law, and tech. I’m a digital service expert at the Pentagon focused on modernizing cyber warfare tactics and training. I’m a law student shaping the future of Internet policy. I’m a co-founder of the porn production company Queer Church where I write, direct and act.”

"There is no question Chivukala  is a pretty smart guy. Chivukula is currently wrapping up law studies at Berkeley Law School, with a focus on cyber security warfare policy, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Michigan with a degree in computer science in 2013."

"Word is Chivukula is up for a new position at the Pentagon, one in which he will provide cloud security for at least a portion of the department." according to the Washington Times story. 

"Defense Digital Service Chief Chris Lynch Brings Private-Sector Expertise to his Job,"according to  Jim Garamone, a spokesman for the  DoD News, Defense Media Activity, " Lynch may be the only director of a Defense Department organization who shows up to work wearing a hoodie." Chivukula works wearing women's clothes. No harm, no foul.

Director Lynch came in from the White House’s U.S. Digital Service, a group of private-sector information technology specialists looking to bring best practices from the civilian world into government.

“My team is pretty much made up of non-government people,” he said. “We’re a little bit like a SWAT team, so we go into things where there is a challenge and help out in whatever way we can.”Lynch said his group has “some special superpowers” that are unique in the Defense Department. The team uses these abilities to build and ship products to address challenges for very strategic projects," he said.

Commander Evans in a phone conversation said, "we cannot discuss security clearance issues due to privacy concerns."  

The issue of Chivukula working on the Department of Defense's  major ($10 billion) cloud infrastructure acquisition has nothing to do with his sexual preferences. However, in the position he holds at the Pentagon the level of his clearance would be important as this acquisition covers all of the cloud infrastructure from unclassified all the way to the Top Secret Special Compartmental Information level (TSSCI) at the tactical edge where our warfighters are deployed.

A statement provided by Patrick L. Evans, APR
Commander, U.S. Navy
Defense Press Operations relating to the story above is as follows

Navy Commander Patrick L. Evans, a Defense Department spokesman, provided this statement to “Because of privacy reasons, we do not discuss levels of clearances. But the public can be assured that DOD personnel are working on projects at their appropriate clearance levels. Additionally, the JEDI acquisition RFP is unclassified and posted on a public website. Ari Chivukula is a highly talented software engineer who comes to United States Digital Service and Defense Digital Service (DDS) from a large software company. Ari has contributed to a number of DoD initiatives, including building counter unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) solutions to save soldiers’ lives. Currently, Ari is working on the DoD Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud initiative. Ari’s tour of duty with the federal government ends later this summer to begin law school.”

It would be interesting to learn how an individual who is immersed in the pornography industry can be issued any level of security clearance.

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