Some people don't play nice at work

Some people dn't play nice at work by Jacqueline Atkielski

Bullying doesn't stop once you graduate high school.

According to this website, over 30 million workers in the United States face abusive conduct at work by their supervisor or co-worker, while another 29 million witness the abuse. Those numbers roughly add up to the combined population of 15 U.S. states. 

You may be a victim of workplace bullying if you say yes to any of these questions:

Do you work for someone who doesn't like their authority questioned?

Do you work with someone who lashes out at others when things don't work out in their favor?

Do you feel like you have to be careful of what you say and do in the office because it could trigger a negative reaction from a coworker?

Does a coworker cut you down and plays it off as a joke?

Does you boss delight in making your life miserable?

If the answer is yes, here are some ideas that may help you save your professional reputation from the wrath of a workplace bully.

Does a coworker give you the cold shoulder or talk down to you when you wear a certain outfit, drive a certain car, or talk about some event you had the opportunity to go to? Jealousy is a huge factor if someone will bully you or not.  Keep an eye on how people react to you, and you can choose to put up with the behavior, say something about it, or ignore it. 

Workplace bullies could try to make you look foolish when they have sly comments about your work ethic or appearance. Kill them with kindness, even if it hurts you to look them in the face and not react. Don't let the bullies push your buttons. If they see that they can get you to lash out, they will continue to do whatever upsets you because they get satisfaction in watching you fall to their level. If you don't play the bully's game, you come out on top.

Bullies rarely attack those with support groups. If you are a dedicated employee who has other people's backs, a bully's lies cannot harm your reputation. Develop friendships with your coworkers and demonstrate your good character in your daily actions.

If nothing else works, get away from the bullies and start looking for another job in your career field. There's nothing more refreshing than starting a new job, working with other like-minded individuals who respect your talents and having a supervisor who acknowledges you as a valuable employee. 

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