April 25 Horoscope



ARIES- Sometimes it's easier to tend to life's mundane details rather than lift your eyes and see the big picture, Aries. Maybe you've grown complacent at work. Are you at the right job or in the right career field?  You can't address the bigger issues if you're busying yourself with trivia. It's imperative that you face it head on and make the necessary changes.

TAURUS- Whether it's a dramatic change of faith or a major shift in your life's goals, change is in the air, Taurus. Prepare yourself for a profound transformation. You probably have have more freedom to do what you want when you want to. Maybe you've come into some money recently. Choose your new path wisely because it doesn't the choice of returning to your old lifestyle.

GEMINI- It's time to change your priorities and refill the well of your soul, Gemini. Are you feeling drained because you're choosing to serve others instead of yourself? It's only natural. Rather than pushing these feelings down, consider it a sign that something is not quite right. It's okay to admit if you're feeling unappreciated. You've spent too much time putting the happiness of others before your own. 

CANCER - You would make an excellent judge, Cancer, because of your ability to consider all aspects of a situation. While a blessing and a curse, it can make it difficult to come to a decision. Today you could face the challenge of reconsidering past decisions. Once-binding contracts need to be reviewed, and new ones need to be created. Prior commitments need reevaluation. This is tiring, but necessary, if you're to move forward.

LEO - Not everyone is unreliable because one person that was formerly in your life was. People change, as do situations. It's possible that this person was no longer a healthy influence on you, in which case the departure is for the best. You're going to have to become more adaptable, Leo, because there are more changes on the horizon, especially where your career is concerned.

VIRGO - It's difficult to let go of old habits and beliefs even though new, better ways of thinking struggle to gain a foothold. Go for it, Virgo. You might find it difficult to confide your feelings to another, but a frank conversation with close friends will do much to ease your mind. There's no question that you're changing, and friends and family will show you that this transformation is positive.

LIBRA - It's clear that change is coming. You might as well be the one who directs it! You always suspected that your job was making you crazy, but it never occurred to you that it could make you sick, too. Is it really worth it, Libra? You may be asking yourself this question today. Fortunately, your talents apply to several professions. Why not take a closer look at other fields?

SCORPIO - How long has it been since you indulged your favorite guilty pleasure, Scorpio? It's time to let the youngster in you come out and play today. Eat that chocolate, read those mindless magazines, or skip down the sidewalk. You've been taking life much too seriously lately. Even adults are entitled to indulge in the pleasures of youth from time to time.

SAGITTARIUS - Whether you're having personal or professional difficulties, there are times when it just doesn't pay to try so hard. If you feel like you're trying to push a square peg into a round hole, you're probably right, Sagittarius. In fact, it's often a sign that there is something fundamentally wrong with the relationship. Try to take more of a philosophical attitude. If it's meant to work, it will.

CAPRICORN - You're ready for a change. Things aren't always as they first appear. People you thought you knew well and circumstances that you thought you understood thoroughly now seem anything but straightforward. Has the world really changed that much or has your perception altered somehow? It's time to direct this “altered” vision inward.  Perhaps it's time to dust off that resume, Capricorn.

AQUARIUS - Difficult as it may be for you to face all those projects you've left undone, Aquarius, know that you'll be free to move on once they're complete. People from your past figure prominently now. Perhaps they come forward to repay an old debt or possibly claim repayment from you. Don't abandon your dreams. Once you've cleared a path for them, they're more likely to come true.

PISCES - You could have a enlightening moment today, Pisces, as events from your past unexpectedly bubble to the surface of your mind and crystallize in a surprising new way. Suddenly, you have a clear understanding of how these past events affect your present behavior. You can use this new knowledge to bring about change. There is clearly a situation at work or at home that is in need of transformation.

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