Letter to the Editor - Man charged with putting bleach in roommate's milk

On April 22, 2015 you posted a brief story about an incident between two residents of a Pathways group home that resulted in charges brought against one of the residents for mixing a toxic substance in milk.

The report of the officer was quoted as saying that "...patients a loosely monitored environment." I am writing to correct that quote so readers are not left with an inaccurate impression.

Persons who reside in a Pathways residence are not "patients" but tenants actively working on recovery from the symptoms of a mental illness while living in neighborhood homes, not inpatient facilities.

Since Pathways homes fully meet Maryland's requirements for residential rehabilitation staffing and are regularly inspected by state representatives, I can only surmise that perhaps the description of the home in which the alleged incident occurred was intended to characterize a staffing pattern of something less than round-the-clock.

Rehabilitative residences in Maryland are not funded at that level to recognize that they are community-based homes where residents come and go of their own volition. That is not to say they aren't staffed. In fact,

Pathways staffs homes on a daily basis often at more hours per day than what is required by regulation to ensure residents are comprehensively supported in their recovery. But as any provider of residential services where tenants share a home with others knows (and for that matter, anyone who has ever shared a home with someone else), shared living arrangements require that people learn the skills to make it work.

In the case of residential rehabilitation, that may be part of recovery where some work harder at it than others. Pathways has years of experience in providing structured, staffed residences designed to support recovery and acts decisively when a resident engages in behavior that could jeopardize another's safety.

Prioritizing safety is a responsibility to the tenant as well as to the surrounding community we take very seriously.

-Gerard McGloin Hollywood Executive Director, Pathways

The article can be found here:

Man charged with putting bleach in roommate's milk

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