'Politics at its worst' Hogan on school start bill

ANNAPOLIS, MD - On March 13, Governor Larry Hogan released the following statement on the passage of Senate Bill 128 through the House of Delegates:

“This is just politics at its worst. As if it isn’t bad enough that members of the legislature are attempting to reverse our common sense initiative to start school after Labor Day, they are now using heavy-handed tactics to unfairly influence the ballot process and any petition to bring this issue directly to Maryland voters.

"In 2016, after years of public outcry, I took action to return to the tradition of starting school after Labor Day. This is the same action that was recommended by the legislature’s own commission, supported by the former governor, and favored by more than 70% of the people of Maryland.

"Now this popular idea is being threatened by out-of-touch politicians and special interests. Members of the Maryland Senate should heed the calls of the overwhelming majority of Marylanders - reject this legislation and repudiate this thinly veiled attempt to manipulate the will of our citizens."

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