1,000 points & counting: Lackey Senior reaches millennia milestone

Indian Head, MD – Down 15-points with less than eight minutes remaining against the defending conference champs, many teams and players would begin to hang their heads and fold. But Lackey marches to a different drum, and their team’s leader helped will his team back into the game.

Rasheed Cooley, a senior who has led his team for the past three years scored a three to help kick off a 12-point run late against Great Mills. The senior’s score from beyond the arc gave him his 1,000th career point, but he didn’t stop there. In under a minute of play, Cooley scored seven points and blocked a shot. He makes his presence felt on both ends of the court and his coach understands just how special he is.

“He’s been a leader in the program since he was a sophomore. He’s been the easiest guy we’ve had to coach. He says all the right things, does all the right things, I’m just happy for him and happy he got to do it at home too,” said Lackey head coach Sean Fox after the game.

Unfortunately for Rasheed and the Chargers, they were unable to maintain their momentum and ended up falling to the Hornets 54-61. The game gave Great Mills their 15th straight win since losing on Dec. 19. The Hornets finished undefeated (12-0) in regular season conference play for the second year straight. “I’m excited we made history, going 12-0 again. This is one of those wins for the community.”

The game looked to be put away early, Great Mills lead by as many as 23-points in the third period, but Lackey’s “scrappy” nature and Hornet foul trouble allowed them to get back in the game.

Reaching 1,000 points was “bittersweet” for Cooley following the tough loss. “We weren’t good at all in the first half but fought back in the second. It ended up being a really good game.” He went on to say that the 1,000 points gave him a “sense of accomplishment and relief.” Cooley was happy to “put thousand points behind [him],” allowing him to “really focus on playoffs, winning regionals, and winning states.” Cooley finished the game with 13-points.

Despite the loss, the Chargers secured the 1-seed in the 1A South playoff bracket. Great Mills went on to play in the conference championship last Wed. against Thomas Stone where they were upset 68-60. The Hornets also have the 1-seed in their playoff bracket (3A South).

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