Teachers & guns; Rey discusses ahead of school safety meeting

Leonardtown, MD- Columbine. Sandy Hook. Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Names that will forever be linked with tragedy.

A million questions followed these horrific events—but there’s one question parents across the country continue to ask, “What are you doing to keep my child(ren) safe?”
That’s a question St. Mary’s County Public Schools (SMCPS) hopes to answer at a School Safety meeting tonight at Leonardtown High School.

This talk comes in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Parkland, FL and after the arrest of two Leonardtown High School students who allegedly threatened to do the same.

The discussion will focus on what SMCPS is doing to make sure your children are safe when they step off that bus at school. SMCPS will be joined by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office and the Maryland Center for School Safety.

Parents can expect to learn more about the proactive measures that are being implemented county-wide—including the training for SMCPS staff.

Michael Wyant, director of Safety and Security with SMCPS, said the meeting will discuss all things pertaining to school safety and security. “Physical security, emergency response, measures we have in place, what’s under consideration, as well as our communication and investigations involving SMCSO—it will be all encompassing.”

Wyant also said there will be an “emphasis on lockdown procedures” and explanations on how staff is being trained on various safety components.

The main focus will be open communication, “we’re stressing ‘see something, say something,’” Wyant noted. “Nothing replaces open lines of communication.”

Also in attendance will be Del. Deb Rey [R-Dist. 29B] who co-signed House Bill 760 which would permit school employees to carry weapons on school property.

Rey sat down with to talk about the bill and why she believes it is one step in the right direction to keeping kids safe in school. (Full interview above)

“If approved, it would allow school boards to decide if they want to allow their employees to carry firearms on school property. Any school employee.”

Right now, some schools have armed security resource officers (SRO)—but Rey said one SRO isn’t enough.

Rey admits, not everyone is on board with the bill. “Some of the school board members are unsure about it.” Rey believes it would be a deterrent if criminals know there’s armed security within the schools.

Parents and community members will have an opportunity to ask questions, raise concerns or make suggestions.

The school safety meeting is open to the community. It begins at tonight at 7 p.m. inside the Leonardtown High School auditorium at 23995 Point Lookout Road.

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