Property Tax Credits for Public Safety Officers

Leonardtown, MD - Back in December, the St. Mary's County Board of County Commissioners gave direction for a focus group made up of county stakeholders and county staff to develop a plan of action for House Bill 979  which would allow for public safety officers to receive property tax credits. These key recommendations of the focus group were presented to the commissioners this week at their regular business meeting.

As it stands HB979 falls short in a number of areas, according to the focus group. Currently volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) volunteers are not included in the legislation. An amendment has already been submitted to allow counties to determine eligibility and funding sources. The options include increase property taxes or create an EMS support tax. 

The focus group is moving forward under the assumption that all these amendments will occur. The group is recommending  to defer implementation for one year, allowing for legislative amendments. The program should be phased in based on county revenue growth and impact. This is an ongoing process

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