The Debates are a slapstick comedy

There’s lack of respect in the presidential debate. Acting like a bunch of bullies, than distinguished candidates. There is too much a fight on the platform to their own personality than the countries problems. We are talking about the next president of our future.

Presently, our Nation is out of control through hate-crimes, gangs, ISIS, riots, people not acting right from wrong, with no logic to moral ethics for human life. I watched the debates, and became stunned, through their nasty approach, such as those alarming commercials. I still have not gotten a grasp of their stand on many subjects which face our nation. Most their strategy is vague, not concrete to comprehend, leaving me puzzled to what the real core view of their verdict subsist of. How they nicked-picks are inexcusable, what kind of president are we going to select, void of respect: how will they enact with other leader of foreign countries? I want to see, accurately how they will find a solution to what the problem is.

When I heard Sanders debate, I found the word progressive to be a good description for America and we do have a lot to catch up to. Similar to one candidate, who has Wall-Street and the big banks as well the infrastructure corporation in her pocket, not to mention do we really want an impeached president as the first man back in the white house?

This entire campaign for years has been controlled, rigged, manipulates to benefit their affairs, more than our country or its citizens. We the people for the people, by the people, as with President Kennedy got shot down. We need to go back to Basic’s, as first indented by our fore-fathers as written in The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of America. What and where have we gone so far as to lose sight of who we truly are, and what the core subject should be; once we where respected by the whole world, today we have become a joke.

The infrastructures are pulling the strings; some only care about the big business the rich in America to sponsor their own candidacy to accomplish their agenda. Citizens, investigate, who’s behind OZ; pulling the strings. Our candidates need to stop bowing down to wall-street, big business. The middle like in England had eradicated to two classes/ the rich or the poor. Our economy is cut to give our benefits to the immigrants to live a better life. I guess we can forget “the pursue of happiness” as our benefits are exhausted, this bribery from the top must stop.

Most of us are unsure who we want in the White House? I want a true born American citizen, not one born in another country. I don’t want to hear speeches that fuels anger to those disgruntled citizen’s with how our government ensue. Let’s keep the real issue as our objective focus; such as our: Economy, Retirement, Safety, Social Security, Jobs, Medicare, and Funding for college or a better career, to the next generation. I want a candidate who holds true to the value they stand by through integrity, honesty, morality. Otherwise, who can we trust? Does our Nation have Alzheimer's, forgetting what some these candidates did in the past? I don’t want my child to carry their excess baggage’s for them to trip over, labeled with dishonesty, disloyalty, and ruse. I can’t hear them from what their actions do!  I want a solution to correct what the errors have been. I like to challenge them to speak the truth in reality, to restore our government as designed by our fore-fathers in the beginning.

We need to regain our Nation. Like Governor Hogan’s said, “We need a change” and not at our expense to cut our benefits that supports immigrants, I had cancer, and lost everything, it could happen again. Will their country take care of me? Same, if I stayed for awhile, I’ll have to leave. We need candidates with a moral fervor to take in concern its citizen’s first. Akin a good parent who protects their children from big bullies.

This time I’ve become stressed over the choice, as we all need to vote for! I’ll end by paraphrase in; Psalm 119: “Let me not be ashamed of my hope, by what words I say, but to attain with integrity, an accountability of my word to be justified in the sight of all man, that I will not be ashamed of what I promised this country.

God bless America, and all citizen's.

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