Women’s Ultimate Right

       March is Woman’s History Month, a time when we look at the achievements they have reached and the challenges they may still face.  We often overlook one of the incredibly important right that some women have that places them above everyone else.

On 22 January 1973, the U. S. Supreme Court issued the Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton decisions that gave each pregnant woman (sometimes a teenager) the authority to make life and death decisions.  Essentially, pregnant women could decide whether to continue their pregnancy and give birth to a child or to have an abortion and end the child’s life.  
     That authority given to pregnant women is unique and exclusive in that it doesn’t require any justification for the abortion or oversight by a person, committee, etc.  They have total authority, and don’t even need the knowledge or consent of the father.  The Supreme Court decisions remove the father from the picture and render him helpless to protect the life of his unborn child. 

           Although the Supreme Court has given pregnant women that tremendous authority, is that something they really want – to decide whether their unborn child lives or dies?  Do women realize that responsibility and accountability goes with authority?  Regardless of how a woman became pregnant, God will hold each woman accountable for how she cared for the child in her womb.  Do women really want to stand before God at the Last Judgment and explain why they had their innocent child murdered by abortion?

           Fortunately, God is merciful and forgiving.  If women who have had abortions are really sorry, repent and ask Him, He will forgive you.  If they or anyone else struggle with guilt about their involvement with abortions, there are churches/organizations anxious to help them find the peace to know that they are forgiven.  Those who refuse to repent will stand before God to receive a righteous judgment for their part in abortions.

Robert Boudreaux

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