Unruly customer assaults cop

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. - On Feb. 1, Deputy Kreps was working at Abners in Chesapeake Beach.

A patron, later identified as Frederick Robert Abner II, 28, walked behind the bar and grabbed a bottle of liquor. Deputy Kreps took the bottle which caused Abner to become irate. He approached Deputy Kreps, screaming and cursing in his face, therefore, Deputy Kreps placed him under arrest. Deputy Kreps placed him in the patrol car and requested another unit to assist with transport. Deputy Rzepkowski arrived on scene to transport Abner, however he was still extremely combative.

Once in the back of Deputy Rzepkowski’s vehicle, Abner kicked his leg up and made contact with the officer’s vest and chin, then while securing his seatbelt, Abner head butted Deputy Rzepkowski on the left side of his head. While driving to the detention center, Abner continued to make threatening comments to the officer, unsecured his seatbelt, and was standing up moving around in the back seat. Deputy Rzepkowski pulled off on the shoulder of Route 4 to secure Abner in his seat, when Abner jumped out of the vehicle head first, striking Rzepkowski in the face. Rzepkowski got Abner back into the vehicle, where he continued resisting and head butted the officer again.

Abner was taken to the Calvert County Detention Center where he was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Resisting/Interfering with Arrest and Second Degree Assault.

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