Public schools’ veteran employees mark good times

Prince Frederick, MD - Administrators of Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) paid honor to 161 system employees who marked milestone years in their education careers. The 43rd annual Service Awards were presented Feb. 8 at Calvert High School (CHS) Auditorium.

“That’s what loving your job will do,” Huntingtown High School (HHS) English teacher Amy Gibson said of her 45 years in education. Gibson spent 21 years teaching at Mercy High School, a private Catholic school for young women prior to coming to CCPS in 2000. After teaching at Patuxent High School (PHS), she joined the staff at HHS when it opened. In her last year at PHS, Gibson was named Calvert County’s Teacher of the Year. “Ms. Gibson is the consummate caring professional and a tremendous asset to the Huntingtown High School community,” said HHS Principal Rick Weber.

Gibson told that teaching advanced placement (AP) literature provides excitement when students discover things about the behavior and habits of human beings who lived centuries ago. Reading and digesting the literary works of William Shakespeare, John Donne and Jane Austin gives the students insight into life prior to the industrial, high tech age, which wasn’t as sanitized as some might assume. “You can be surprised and shocked at the dicey human behavior in literature,” said Gibson. As to what her future holds, Gibson stated, “I’m going to keep going as long as I can but I promised them I wouldn’t stay forever.”

“Thank you for all the challenges you deal with,” said CCPS Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement Director Dr. Victoria D. Karol to the employees who attended the service awards ceremony. “All of us bring our very best skills and life experiences to the workplace every day.”

In addition to Gibson, nine 40-year educators were also singled out for special recognition. They were Huntingtown Elementary School (HES) building services manager Douglas Brooks Sr., HES teacher Diane Chaney, CHS building services worker Robert Gross, Calvert Middle School physical education teacher Kim Hall, CHS foreign language teacher Linda Katz, Plum Point Middle School social studies teacher Merry Ellen McGown, Sunderland Elementary School teacher Dorothy Pohlod, maintenance supervisor Keith Roberts and Supervisor of Title 1 and Early Childhood Education Cheryl Yates. Brooks, Chaney, Gross, Hall McGown, Pohlod, Roberts and Yates have spent their entire education careers with CCPS.

“Each of you plays your own part,” CCPS Superintendent Dr. Daniel D. Curry told the honorees.

The employees reaching milestones from 20 to 45 years received awards from Lighthouse Engraving and Signs Inc. The CHS Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Color Guard presented the colors, the CHS Chamber Choir sang the Star-Spangled Banner and the school’s chapter of the National Honor Society also helped with the event. The audience enjoyed a performance by the CHS Musical Theatre Group, who sang songs by Portugal. the Man and the Grateful Dead.

The other honorees
Twenty years - Michelle Arocho, Jo Ann Baynes. Patricia Berry, Kimberly Blackistone, Nicole Bomgardner, Dwight Bradford, Stephanie Brown, Gayle Bylan, Beatrice Callis, Laura Collins, Cortney Costello, Amy Crum, Jennifer Curran, Catherine Davis, Elizabeth Doster, Cindy Duty, Jenny Estoque, Henry Faxon, Francis Forrest, Kara Forrest, Kimberly Fridman, Lisa Gallegos, Jeanette Gionfriddo, Mark Gladfelter, Maxine Graham, Julie Greever, Cathy Gregory, Patricia Gross, Jill Hartwell, Wendy Hawkins, Susan Hershey, Kathleen Hogan, Dona Hook, Kara Horvath, Constance Howard, Karen Hutchins, Leslie Irvin-Thorne, Gwendolyn James, Kathy Jones, Melissa Kallfelz, Justin Koch, Benjamin Lane, Karen Lauver, Jen Lawrence, Robert Lawrence, Karen Leonard, Maria Limburg, Robert Lusby, Kathleen McManus, Edith Metz, Donna Mignardi, Jayne Moller, Sara Moran, Claire Murray, Gail O’Dell, G. Scott Owens, Jennifer Piatt, Kelly Poteet, Keith Powell, Allen Price, Joyce Ratcliffe, Lauren Rivers, Barbara Roller, Maureen Sinclair, Glenda Spragg, Dawn Stiffler, Kirk Stiffler, Renee Sypa, Christina Thomas, Patricia Tipton, Eric Trickle, Rae Anne Turlington, Jessica Valadie, Steven Van Rees, Wanda Watts and Christian Wood.

Twenty-five years - Shari Adams, Stacy Allen, Mildred Baer, Linda Bailey, Michelle Bast, Jean-Marie Brashears, William Connolly, Lori Cooper, Leigh Cox, Summer Cox, Kristen Craft, Kathryn Crounse, Thomas Currier, Misty Ellison, Joseph Embrey, Marci Fleck, Betty Goldstein, Paul Gray, Terry Green, Charles Gustin, Joanne Harbaugh, Laura Hutchison, Sandra Jones, Marshal Kawecki, Denise Lienesch, Dawn Lister, Jeffrey Mackall, Mary Morris, Ellen Oldham, Marita Parran-Mason, Margaret Pike, Evelyn Plater, Theresa Remington, Juanita Ridenour, Linda Roberts, Julianne Schrom, Stephanie Tayman, Julie Tomasik, Jill Twetten, Susan Warner, Natalie Washington and Donna Will.

Thirty years - Donna Adams, Sandra Bowles, Lydia Brooks, Linda Burns, Katherine Cleary, Gary Clites, Shari Eakin, Veronica Fealy, Dennis Gibson, Kristine Gutherie, Carolyn Harcum, Kathleen Martin, Lisa Merriman, Donna Miller, Caren Milliken, Donna Neri, Sherry Owens, Renee Roper, Dolores Simonds, Eileen Snowden, Jennifer Stawinski, Marvin Stewart, Pamela Storms, Julia Thames, Melinda Thayer and Tracey Vernon

Thirty-five years  - Robin Clites, Jane Cooper, Linda Curry, Janet Gross, Jo Ann Hill and Beth Morton.

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